EnLink is governed by a Board of Directors (Board) that engages with management to deliver value to our stakeholders. EnLink’s Board ultimately oversees EnLink’s sustainability strategy, reviewing sustainability progress during quarterly meetings.

Board Experience and Diversity

The directors on our Board have significant experience in the energy industry, in serving on other public company boards, and in sustainability-related matters. In 2020, EnLink added two new board members with gender and ethnic diversity.

As of the publication date of this digital report, EnLink’s Board of Directors has:

  • Four independent directors
  • One female director
  • Two directors with ethnic diversity
  • Two directors under the age of 50
  • Directors with an average age of 59

Board Committees and Charters

Our Board has three standing committees, including an Audit Committee, a Conflicts Committee, and a Governance and Compensation Committee. All members of the Audit Committee and the Conflicts Committee are independent directors.

The committee charters for each of these committees, as well as the governance guidelines for our Board and our Code of Business Conducts and Ethics, which applies to every director on our Board, are available in the Corporate Governance documents section of our website.

This webpage is part of EnLink's 2020 Sustainability Report, published May 4, 2021, and reflects content from and as of such date.