“At EnLink, we don’t see sustainability as a separate strategy. We see it as an integral part of everything we do and one that importantly makes the most business sense.” - Alaina Brooks, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, and executive sponsor of sustainability at EnLink

Welcome to EnLink's third annual Sustainability Report, covering our 2020 accomplishments in sustainability! At EnLink, we work to provide safe, responsible, and ethical operations that respect the environment, support the communities where we operate, care for our teams, and deliver value to our unitholders. We strive to provide transparent insight into the sustainability of our operations through annually compiled sustainability data, included in our 2020 Digital Sustainability Report, “Our Sustainable Future.”

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2020 Sustainability Achievements

  • Received the 2020 Chairman’s Award for Safety Improvement from the GPA Midstream Association
  • Adopted companywide sustainability policy to drive EnLink's sustainability approach
  • Included relevant data categories from the ESG reporting template jointly created by the Energy Infrastructure Council and the GPA Midstream Association in the 2020 performance data chart
  • Adopted the “oil & gas – midstream” reporting framework from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
  • Added sustainability to our strategic planning process, making it one of five focus areas for our 2021 strategic plan
  • Leaned into EnLink's role in the energy transition, as 90% of EnLink's cash flow is driven by natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) operations, which emit significantly less carbon than coal and other natural resources

This webpage is part of EnLink's 2020 Sustainability Report, published May 4, 2021, and reflects content from and as of such date.