EnLink has been focused on sustainability since our inception, with our Core Values emphasizing the importance of safety, integrity, people, innovation, and excellence. We focus on the best interests of our stakeholders and make decisions with our long-term sustainability strategy in mind.

Sustainability Structure

In response to increasing focus on environmental, social, and governance or “ESG" issues, we established an official sustainability program in 2018, issuing our inaugural Sustainability Report shortly thereafter. Since then, we have consistently evolved the program structure and goals to align with our company strategy, industry developments, and stakeholder expectations.

In 2020, EnLink adopted a companywide sustainability policy to further drive our sustainability approach, emphasize its importance, and communicate expectations to employees. In 2021, EnLink elevated sustainability to one of our companywide strategic plan’s five focus areas and established our current sustainability structure:

Sustainability Focus Areas and Data Assurance

EnLink monitors and reports progress in three main sustainability areas, as summarized below. These focus areas are reviewed regularly by the Sustainability Core Team and may expand or change periodically to meet evolving sustainability best practices, company needs, and industry trends.

  • Environmental Stewardship, which includes energy use and emissions, environmental performance, and asset integrity and reliability
  • Social Responsibility, which includes employee, contractor, and public safety; emergency preparedness and response; employee development; diversity, equity, and inclusion; community involvement; and supply chain
  • Governance and Ethics, which includes corporate governance, ethical business conduct, and risk management and business continuity

EnLink’s Internal Audit team conducts an extensive review of EnLink’s annual Sustainability Report, assessing the completeness and accuracy of the data and evaluating the report’s metrics, components, and attributes against industry standards and best practices. The report is reviewed by our Board of Directors prior to issuance.

This webpage is part of EnLink's 2020 Sustainability Report, published May 4, 2021, and reflects content from and as of such date.