EnLink’s Operations, Engineering, Operational Excellence, and Environmental, Health, and Safety teams work to operate our assets in a way that maximizes efficiency and provides safe, reliable operations for our customers. We strive to ensure the integrity of our assets, prioritize safety, and minimize our environmental impact throughout our systems.

Mechanical and Pipeline Integrity

EnLink’s dedicated Asset Integrity Management team utilizes compliance-focused programs and practices that guide our approach and commitment to asset safety. We regularly invest in monitoring, maintenance, and controls that help us safely and reliably deliver energy products and serve our customers.

EnLink's Pipeline Control Room operators utilize the latest technology to monitor asset and system reliability 24/7/365.

Our processes include pipeline smart tool runs, pressure testing, cathodic protection, and robust corrosion management. Our Pipeline Integrity team routinely performs tests that exceed regulatory requirements, reducing risk and increasing our ability to reliably transport products. Our Pipeline Control Room monitors our pipeline system 24/7 by utilizing the latest technology such as leak detection monitoring software, which reduces response time to potential incidents and increases our asset and system reliability.

Through these practices and technologies, our efforts drive down risks and ensure what’s in the pipe, stays in the pipe. EnLink further protects our assets through a robust mechanical integrity program, whose standards are aligned with many governing bodies, including the American Petroleum Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration requirements.

Leak Detection and Inspection Program

EnLink’s operating assets are monitored and surveilled daily by operations personnel focused on the detection of leaks, damage, equipment shutdowns, and other potential hazards or issues. We perform aerial patrols to inspect our pipeline rights-of-way, supplement our leak detection program, and help to identify high consequence areas. Additionally, EnLink’s compressor stations utilize vibration monitoring for preventive maintenance and performance enhancement.

EnLink’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) equips employees with a suite of applications that communicate real-time data in the field and on location, helping EnLink’s field teams execute tasks safely. Our GIS technology provides access to live system pressures, land survey and access data, construction and project status, engineering details, Emergency Response Plans, and weather radar. Providing quick and easy access to this data allows for increased productivity and efficiency, asset and system reliability, safe operations, and quicker response times by EnLink’s teams.

This webpage is part of EnLink's 2020 Sustainability Report, published May 4, 2021, and reflects content from and as of such date.