EnLink is focused on protecting the environment while providing critical services that help Americans and people around the world access reliable energy. Our dedicated environmental team maintains an active field presence, working closely with operations and project teams to aid in risk management and to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations. We strive to prevent unintended spills and releases, while minimizing adverse impacts should they occur.

EnLink prioritizes responsible operations at our assets, like this one in the Permian Basin.

Environmental Stewardship

EnLink looks for ways to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes restoring construction areas, reusing and recycling, controlling pollution, and conserving resources. We seek to minimize impacts from both the construction of our facilities and other operations. To accomplish this, we first identify site options during the project planning phase that avoid wetlands, habitats, and other environmentally sensitive areas. Once our assets are operating, we partner closely with regulatory agencies to ensure EnLink is compliant with environmental requirements. We also pride ourselves on our track-record of restoring land to preconstruction conditions – often beyond the footprint utilized by EnLink.

Equipment reuse and refurbishment is an important part of EnLink’s operational excellence and sustainability strategy to drive significant financial savings and limit waste. We focus on repurposing and refurbishing idle or underutilized materials and equipment to be used in new ways at other facilities, including compressors, pipe, tanks, and more. In 2020, EnLink completed approximately $50 million of equipment reuse and refurbishing initiatives.

Reportable Environmental Incident Rate

To better benchmark our environmental performance against our peers, we developed the Reportable Environmental Incident Rate (REIR). Similar to Total Reportable Incident Rate (TRIR), this metric reflects the number of agency reportable environmental incidents multiplied by 200,000 (the average hours worked by 100 employees in a year) and divided by the actual total number of employee workhours. REIR has been incorporated into our 2021 Safety and Sustainability Scorecard, which is one performance component of our Short-Term Incentive Program for employees (click here to learn more). In 2020, EnLink’s REIR was 1.57, below our 2019 rate, as well as our prior three-year average (click here to see our performance data chart).

Environmental Management System

EnLink’s environmental performance is driven by our environmental management system, enabling both managerial oversight and employee focus on key environmental areas. We follow the continuous improvement process of plan-do-check-act to ensure that environmental standards and considerations are a priority in project planning, emergency response planning, and employee training. We also report and investigate incidents, implement compliance processes, and track our performance to allow for continuous improvement.

This webpage is part of EnLink's 2020 Sustainability Report, published May 4, 2021, and reflects content from and as of such date.