An ethical business culture is critical to our success. At EnLink, our Core Value of “Uncompromising Integrity” underscores our belief in accountability, honesty, and transparency and forms the foundation of our companywide commitment to operating with integrity.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

EnLink requires that all employees, as well as the directors on our Board, follow a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code). The Code requires ethical behavior from all of our employees and Board directors and compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to EnLink. This commitment from our employees and Board directors is crucial to maintaining a workplace focused on ethical, safe, and fair business dealings. EnLink’s Code can be found on our website.

EnLink has adopted other policies underlying our ethical business values, including an Anti-Corruption Policy. We also require our employees to complete annual training to certify their understanding of key corporate compliance policies including Anti-Harassment/Discrimination, Corporate Authority and Delegation of Authority, Business Expense and Procurement Card Policy, Employee Handbook, and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, among others. In 2022, 100% of our employees completed their required annual training.

24/7 Whistleblower Hotline and Website

EnLink’s ethical culture is further bolstered by an anonymous, third-party reporting hotline, our "Ethics Line," which is available 24/7/365. The Ethics Line, available by calling 833-960-1602 or visiting and explained in our Code, is available for anonymous reporting of any violations or suspected violations of our Code or any other unethical conduct. Monitored by an independent, third-party service (named “Lighthouse”), the Ethics Line is available to our employees as well as to suppliers, customers, and other third parties. We prominently post information regarding the Ethics Line on our website, our intranet site, and in our Code of Conduct, so that employees and others are aware of how to contact this resource.

When a call or online report is made to our Ethics Line, Lighthouse creates a report based on information provided over the phone or submitted in the online report. EnLink has a defined, limited list of appropriate personnel who will receive the report from Lighthouse, including representatives from executive leadership, legal, and internal audit. Any reports received are also sent directly to the chair of the Audit Committee of our Board. Upon receiving a report from Lighthouse, EnLink’s legal team will engage in establishing an investigation protocol appropriate for the specific report, which, depending on the issue, is typically conducted by internal audit, legal, or human resources. EnLink investigates every report that is made to the Ethics Line and treats those reports as confidential. The reporter may choose to remain anonymous throughout the entire process. Lighthouse allows EnLink to send further requests for information to the reporter, which allows the reporter to remain anonymous. Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator will summarize the results and share with appropriate leadership for further action, if any.

EnLink has a nonretaliation policy against anyone who makes a report in good faith, whether internally to a manager or other leader or to the Ethics Line. The graphic below represents the calls received by the Ethics Line and their topical category. EnLink investigated and responded to each.

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